Journals Vol.11 No.2

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The 11th Educational Seminar

1. Heart and Beauty … Katsutato NAGATA … 79
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2. Viewpoint of Cosmetics … Shinji NITTA … 89
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Research Papers

Closed Epicutaneous Test: Evaluation of Contact Sensitivity to Chemical Compounds … Yoshio KATSUMURA, Hideyuki ICHIKAWA, Shinobu ISHII, Toshiaki KOBAYASHI, Yoshio FUJIYAMA … 96
Key words: Closed Epicutaneous Test, Maximization test, Adjuvant and Patch Test
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The Comparative Study of Skin Irritancy in Animals and Human Using Oily Anal Cleansing … Hirohisa UEMURA, Kazuhiro NAKAMURA, Koichi YOSHIMURA, Fumio SAITO … 104
Key words: skin irritancy, safety evaluation, difference of animal species, difference of applied site extrapolation
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Educational Review

1. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Studies of Cosmetics in Experimantal Animals … Masahiro MIZUTANI … 111
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2. Purification of Analytes by Using Extraction with Solid Phase … Masako MAEDA … 117
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Melanosis: Causative Agents and Tissue Reactions … Kayoko MATSUNAGA … 124
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Quality of Life … Gerd Larsson … 134
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Original Report Abstracts of 12th Annual Meeting … 139
List of Japanese Standards of Cosmetic Ingredients … 152
Abstracts of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 8, No. 4, 5) … 187
Book Review … 191
Annoucement … 192