Journals Vol.13 No.4

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Research paper

Safety Evaluation of Oil Ingredients for Cosmetic Using Cell Culture System … Katsuyoshi CHIBA, Kiyoshi TOHYAMA … 194
Key words: Cytotoxicity test, Primary skin irritancy test, Oil ingredients for cosmetic, Alternative method
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Evaluation of Surfactants by Cell Toxicity and Release of Prostaglandin E2: An Alternative Method to Animal Test … Ryuichi KASHIMA, Yuzo IKEDA, Kazuhiro NAKAMURA … 203
Key words: Alternative, Draize, Skin irritation, Cell toxicity, Prostataglandin E2
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The Chairman Lecture

Aging of Skin … Hiroshi UEDA … 211
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Special Lecture

Analysis of DNA Damage Induced by Ultraviolet Light in Human Cells Using Various Monoclonal Antibodies … Osamu NIKAIDO, Tsukasa MATSUNAGA, Terumi MIZUNO, Toshio MORI … 213
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Symposium (The 14th J.C.S.S. Meeting)

Sunburn and the Skin―UV-induced Skin Damage … Takeshi HORIO … 219
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Current State and Problems Concerning SPF in Japan … Minoru FUKUDA … 225
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Organic Sunscreens … Michio KAWAI, Yuuko SHIBUE, Noriharu KIRII, Genji IMOKAWA … 231
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Reflective Sunscreen Agent … Kunihiko MOHRI … 236
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Natural Suncreens … Tomonori KATADA … 241
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Sun Protective Materials and Agents … Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 246
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List of Japanese Standards of Cosmetic Ingredients (4th—1989) … 248
Abstracts of I.J.C.S.
(Vol. 11, No. 3–No. 4) … 299
Reports … 302
Contents of Vol. 13 … 307
Announcement … 314