Journals Vol.16 No.2

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Research Paper

Moisturizing Effect of the CO2 bath-additive Containing Oily Moisturizer … Junko SUZUKI, Norihiro TANAKA, Hirosi NOJIRI, Hidenori YOROZU … 71
Key words: Moisturizer, cholesteryl isostearate, penetration, conductance, CO2 bath-additive
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Mutagenicity of trans-Urocanic Acid and cis-Urocanic Acid ―Chromosomal Aberration Test in Cultured Chinese Hamster Cells― … Chiyomi SUGIYAMA, Hiroshi KOBAYASHI, Masaaki MORI … 77
Key words: urocanic acid, trans-urocanic acid, cis-urocanic acid, mutagenicity test, chromosomal aberration test
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Skin phototoxicity and photosensitivity test of trans-urocanic acid in guinea pigs … Tomoyasu OGAWA, Hiroko KAMINAGA, Hiroshi KAKISHIMA, Toru YONEYA … 86
Key words: trans-urocanic acid, Phototoxicity, Photosensitivity (guinea pig).
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Effect of Propylene Glycol and Other Additives on Water-ethanol Gel Formed by Hydrogenated Soybean Phospholipids … Makiko FUJII, Shin YOSHIDA, Yukie ARIMA, Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 90
Key words: gel, phosphatidylcholine, propylene glycol, glycerin, prednisolone, release test
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Presidential Address

Quantitatively measurement of various skin properties … Hachiro TAGAMI … 94
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Educational Lecture

Recent Progress in the Research of Skin: Molecular Aspects of Cytoskeleton and Cell Junctions in Epidermal Keratinocytes … Yasuo KITAJIMA … 99
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Original Report Abstracts of 17th Annual Meeting … 103
Abstracts of I.J.C.S. Vol. 14 No. 2, 3 (47-149) … 116
Reports … 120
Announcements … 121