Journals Vol.17 No.4

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Research Paper

Movement of Skin Permeation Behavior of Parabens by 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin … Muneo TANAKA, Tetuji NAKAMURA, Kenzo ITO, Kazuyo TANIGUCHI, Hajime MATSUDA, Kaneto UEKAMA … 185
Key words: paraben, release control, skin permeation, 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, enzymatic hydrolysis.
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Symposium (the 18th J.C.S.S. Meeting)

Reactive Oxygen Species and the Skin … Yoshiki MIYACHI … 191
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Lipid Peroxidation on Human Skin Surface and Prevention of its Generation … Yoshiyuki KOHNO, Okihiko SAKAMOTO, Motoji TAKAHASHI, Keiji MOROSAWA … 195
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Dermal Components and Free Radicals … Tomio OKADA … 202
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Inhibition of Hyaluronic Acid Depolymerization Caused by Reactive Oxygen … Yoko AKASHI, Kazuhiro SUETSUGU, Hiroshi TANAKA … 207
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Endogenous Sunscreen of the Skin … Katsumi HANADA … 214
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Educational Lecture

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Fragrance-Aromachology … Shoji NAKAMURA … 218
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Book Review … 221
Reports … 226
Contents of Vol. 17 … 229
Announcement … 235