Journals Vol.21 No.4

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Research Paper

Yellowing of the Nail Caused by Nail Enamel-Its causes and effective prevention- … Hitoshi HOSOKAWA, Mizue SAITO, Takashi KITAHARA, Naoki KONDO, Kimihiko HORI, Satoshi TAKANO … 292
Key words: nail enamel, yellowing, nail, nitrite ion, polymer emulsion.
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Analysis of Clinical Relevance in 22 Cases with a Patch-Test Positive Reaction to p-Phenylenediamine … Kayoko SUZUKI, Kayoko MATSUNAGA, Hiroshi UEDA … 297
Key words: p-phenylenediamine, allergic reaction, hair dye dermatitis, patch test, diaminodiphenylmethane.
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Effects of Hair Growth Stimulator on the Internal Calcium of Human Outer Root Sheath Cells … Minoru OHTSUYAMA, Masaaki MOROHASHI … 302
Key words: minoxidil, intracellular calcium, outer root sheath cells.
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Special Lecture

Natural and Healthy Life-Medicines, Food and Health- … Tsuneo NANBA … 306
Key words: Chinese traditional medicine, materia medica, foods, healthy life, Yakuzen.
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Nikibi and Fukidemono-A questionnaire study to dermatologists, general population, and medical students- … Kayoko MATSUNAGA … 319
Key words: acne, pimple, eruption, questionnaire study, concept.
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Comedogenesis … Tetuo MAEDA … 331
Key words: comedogenesis, experimentally-induced comedones, ultrastructure, Odland bodies, non-comedogenic cosmetics, comedolytic substances.
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Acne and Hormone … Hiroshi AIZAWA … 337
Key words: acne, hormone, androgen.
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Acne and Reactive Oxygen Species … Hirohiko AKAMATSU, Takeshi HORIO … 341
Key words: Acne vulgaris, drug(s), neutrophil(s), reactive oxygen species.
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Acne and Cosmetics-The characterization of acne and pimple by healthy women and theme of anti-acne cosmetics- … Eriko KAWAI, Tomoyuki INABA, Kenji KITAMURA … 344
Key words: acne, pimple, Fukidemono.
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An Approach for the Treatment of Acne vulgaris-Global development of an anti-acne drug- … Satoshi OSHIMA … 350
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Symposium of the 22th Annual Meeting of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society- Summary: Acne vulgaris and Fukidemono … Minoru FUKUDA, Rituko HAYAKAWA … 352
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Abstracts of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 19, No. 3) … 354
Book Review … 356
Report … 357
Technical Information … 360
Contents to Vol. 21 … 378
Announcement … 385