Journals Vol.22 No.3

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Research Paper

Inhibitory Effect of Diacetyl Gentisic Acid on Melanogenesis … Katsuhisa YAMADA, Yumi NAKAO, Yuko YONEDA, Kazufumi NAITOH, Chiaki TANAKA … 169
Key words: melanin, tyrosinase, B16 melanoma, melanocyte, gentisic acid.
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Effect of Surfactants on Hemolysis of Rabbit Red Blood Cells … Hiroshi TOKUNAGA, Tadashi UCHINO, Masanori ANDO … 175
Key words: red blood cells, hemolysis, surfactants, permeation.
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Inhibitory Effects of Melanogenic Inhibitors on Dendricity of Cultured B16 Mouse Melanoma Cells … Kouji MIYAZAKI, Yumiko NISHIDA, Minoru ICHIOKA … 182
Key words: melanogenesis, dendricity, tyrosinase, B16 mouse melanoma cells, melanogenic inhibitor.
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Special Lecture

Molecular Mechanism of Itch … Masaya TOHYAMA … 187
Key words: itch, primary sensory neurons, neuroactive substances, pain.
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Some Aspects of the Percutaneous Absorption in Cosmetic Research … Masami SUZUKI … 191
Key words: percutaneous absorption, cosmetic, quasi-drug, safty, efficacy.
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Evaluation and Prediction of Skin Permeation Behavior of Substances … Fumiyoshi YAMASHITA, Mitsuru HASHIDA … 199
Key words: percutaneous absorption, penetration enhancers, diffusion model, rational design.
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Drug Disposition and Metabolism in Skin after Topical Application … Kenji SUGIBAYASHI, Yasunori MORIMOTO … 208
Key words: skin disposition, skin metabolism, topical application, percutaneous absorption, skin penetration.
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Enhancement and Control of Transdermal Absorption … Shuji SATO … 212
Key words: percutaneous absorption, transdermal therapeutic system (TTS), penetration enhancer, iontophoresis, sonophoresis.
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Cosmetics and Their Dermal Absorption—A personal comment with respect to safety evaluation— … Takemi YOSHIDA … 219
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Original Report Abstracts of 23rd Annual Meeting … 222
Abstract of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 20, No. 3) … 245
Technical Information … 248
Book Review … 272
Report … 273
Announcement … 277