Journals Vol.23 No.2

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Research Paper

Acceleration of Hair Regrowth in Mice with Topical Water-Soluble Polymer … Tadahiro CHIBA, Takeo WATANABE, Toshihiko ONO, Mitsuo HATANAKA, Hiromitsu MIURA … 69
Key words: acceleration of hair regrowth, new screening system, water-soluble polymer, sugar.
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Influence on NF-κB Activation and IL-1α Expression by UV Irradiation to Human Epidermal Cell … Manabu KITAZAWA, Keiji IWASAKI, Claude SALIOU, Lester PACKER … 77
Key words: ultraviolet light, inflammation, nuclear factor kappa B, interleukin-1, glucocorticoid.
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Inhibitory Effect of Eucalyptus globulus on Collagenase Type I (MMP-1) … Daiki KYOTANI, Kei OBAYASHI, Yuri OKANO, Hitoshi MASAKI … 83
Key words: matrix metalloproteinase (MMP), collagenase, inhibition, Eucalyptus globulus, chelating effect.
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Educational Seminar

Effects of Fragrances on Stress Alleviation and Sleep … Tsutomu SAITO … 87
Key words: stress, homeostasis, cortisol, s-IgA, sleep.
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Relationship Color of Makeup and Mind & Body … Chihoko KAN … 92
Key words: makeup, color, stress, relax, psychoneuroimmunology, S-IgA.
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Sounds: The Intensity of Anxiety and Brain Activity … Tomoyuki YOSHIDA … 98
Key words: frontal lobe, α wave, rhythmicity, anxiety.
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Bathing: One Method to Combat Stress in Daily Life … Hirotaka SATO … 103
Key words: fatigue, relax, bathing, bath additive.
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Massage: Esthetic Treatment and the Healing … Kazunori SHIMAGAMI … 108
Key words: massage, esthetic (=aesthetic) treatment, “Relief” effect, physiological measurement, environmental music, 1/f fluctuation, Medical Soin Esthetic, skin care, mental care.
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Abstracts of I. J. C. S. (Vol. 21, No. 1) … 116
Technical Information … 119
Book Review … 135
Report … 137
Announcement … 141