Journals Vol.25 No.4

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Morphological Investigation of Desquamated Corneocytes from Subjects with Sensitive Skin and Improvement of Their Corneocytes by Using Skin Care Products … Masashi YANAGI, Takeshi HARIYA, Yasuyuki UMINO, Hideyuki ICHIKAWA, Yoshio KATSUMURA … 203
Key words: sensitive skin, skin care, corneocyte, villus-like projection (vp), tape-stripping technique.
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Presidential Address

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Skin in Postmenopausal Women … Masako MIZOGUCHI, Mika OSHIDA, Fumihei ISHIZUKA … 211
Key words: hormone replacement therapy, HRT, menopause, menopausal skin change, skin surface hydration.
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Special Lecture

The History of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society … Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 217
Key words: J.C.S.S., assurance of safety, regulation, credible information, EBM.
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The Makeup and I … Keiko KISHI … 222
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Special Commemorative Lecture I

Regulation and Industrial-Role Regarding Cosmetic Efficacy … Tadashi SUZUKI … 228
Key words: deregulation of cosmetics, market mechanism, accountability principle, cosmetic efficacy
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Bioengineering Techniques for Efficacy Test of Cosmetic Products … Motoji TAKAHASHI … 232
Key words: efficacy test, non-invasive methods, bioengineering techniques, skin hydration, wrinkle
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Evaluation of the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products from the Viewpoint of a Dermatologist … Hachiro TAGAMI … 240
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A Novel Breakthrough for Creating Cosmetheuticals … Yoshiki MIYACHI … 241
Key words: cosmetheuticals, scientific cosmetology, international harmonization, legal regulation, evidence based evaluation.
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The Time Lag during Advance and Operation of the Science … Tadanori MAYUMI … 244
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System for Supporting Reliability of Efficacy … Makiko FUJII … 248
Key words: guidelines, evaluation, efficacy, information
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Special Commemorative Lecture II

What Is Quality of Life? … Miyako TAZAKI … 252
Key words: Quality of Life, WHOQOL, QALY, instrument development
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Psychological and Social Significance of Makeup … Ikuo DAIBO … 256
Key words: makeup behavior, interpersonal attraction, psychological health, self-esteem, adaptation
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Cosmetics in the Aging Society-The cosmetics program for elderly women in the nursing home … Kazue INAMI … 263
Key words: elderly women, nursing home for the elderly, emotional activation with cosmetics methods, selfcare.
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A Contribution of Cosmetic Treatment of Medical Service … Teruhisa KOMORI … 267
Key words: cosmetic treatment, medical service, fragrance, psychiatry, psychoneuroimmunology.
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Atopic Dermatitis and Cosmetics … Junko ARIKAWA … 272
Key words: atopic dermatitis, cosmetics, quality of life.
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Quality of Life and Cosmetics … Tatsuya OZAWA … 276
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Technical Information … 280
Book Review … 292
Report … 293
Contents to Vol. 25 … 295
Announcement … 299