Journals Vol.28 No.4

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Protective Effects of TornareTM on Skin Roughness and Inhibitory Effects on the Production of Inflammatory Molecules by Keratinocyte … Tatsuya ISHIHARA, Miho AGA, Hiromi TATSUKAWA, Noriko MORI, Yasuhiro KOTANI, Masashi KURIMOTO … 271
Key words: TornareTM, skin roughness, inflammation, keratinocyte.
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Analysis on the Seasonal Change of Subcutaneous Fat Mass in Women … Shinobu MORI, Mayumi SATO, Naonobu YOSHIZUKA, Yoshinori TAKEMA … 277
Key words: subcutaneous, fat, seasonal change, MRI, ultrasonography.
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The Risk Assessment for Cosmetics and Cosmetic Ingredients … Kunikazu TESHIMA … 285
Key words: cosmetic ingredients ,food additives ,pharmaceutical excipients ,risk assessment ,disclosure of information.
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Global Currents and Problems Concerning the Risk Assessment for Cosmetics … Hidekazu TOYODA … 288
Key words: safety assessment, cosmetics, global currents, 7th amendment, alternatie methods.
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Some Perspective for Safety of Cosmetics Importance of Public Relations … Yutaka KASAI … 292
Key words: safety, transparency, Agenda 21, public relations, collaborations.
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A Risk Assessment-Based Approach to Skin Safety Evaluation … Seok KWON … 299
Key words: exposure-based risk assessment, quantitative risk assessment, skin sensitization, skin sensitizers, allergic contact dermititis.
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Fundamental View of Environmental Risk Assessment and Basic Approach to Cosmetics … Yutaka TAKAGI … 303
Key words: environment, biodegradation, aquatic organism, product liability, risk assessment.
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Technical Information … 308
Report … 326
Contents to Vol. 28 … 328
Announcement … 333