Journals Vol.32 No.1

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Preparation of Surfactant-Free Emulsions Using Electrolyzed Water and Its Regulation Effect on the Skin Permeation of Compounds … Toshihiko KITAMURA, Mariko KOIKE, Hiroaki TODO, Masahiro OKAJIMA, Fumiyoshi ISHII, Kenji SUGIBAYASHI … 1
Key words: electrolyzed water, strongly alkaline electrolyzed water, surfactant-free emulsion, skin permeation, emulsion stability.
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Improved Methods for Estimation of Antimicrobial Activities of Volatile and Hydrophobic Fragrance Ingredients … Yasuko TAKEDA, Yasunori ISSHIKI, Keisuke SAKUDA, Katsuya SAKUMA, Seiichi KONDO … 10
Key words: fragrance ingredients, antimicrobial activities, improved standard method, CLSI protocol.
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Wrinkles, Solar Elastosis and Elastin … Shingo TAJIMA … 18
Key words: wrinkle, solar elastosis, elafin, elastin.
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Measurement Methods of Pigmentation According to Guideline for Evaluation of Quasi-Drug Whitening Products … Takayuki KATAGIRI … 23
Key words: quasi-drug, whitening, pigmentation, efficacy, improve.
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Recent Techniques for Skin Measurement Using Optical Methods … Motoji TAKAHASHI … 25
Key words: in vivo confocal laser microscope, OCT (optical coherence tomography), in vivo confocal Raman microscope, multi photon microscope, SHG (second harmonic generation) microscope.
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Elastase Inhibitors: The Usefulness and Mechanism of Action … Mitsuyuki HOTTA … 35
Key words: wrinkle formation, fibroblast elastase, skin elasticity, elastase inhibitor, ginger.
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