Journals Vol.33 No.1

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UVA Irradiation-Induced Accumulation of Fibrillin-1 Fibers in Cultured Human Skin Fibroblast Cells … Satoshi ONOUE, Hiroshi WACHI, Fumiaki SATO, Risa NONAKA, Chiharu KOIDE, Akinobu HAYASHI, Yoshiyuki SEYAMA … 1
Key words: elastic fiber, fibrillin-1, fiber formation, skin fibroblast cells, UVA irradiation.
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Ameliorating Effect of Astaxanthin on Dermatitis in an Animal Model Using NC/Nga Mice … Kumiko IIO, Yumika OKADA, Akira SATOH, Masaharu ISHIKURA … 7
Key words: astaxanthin, skin trouble, dermatitis.
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The Common Diseases in Childfood and Treatments of Them … Naoko BABA … 11
Key words: angioma, nevus, laser treatment, atopic dermatitis, diaper dermatitis.
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Age-Associated Changes in Facial Skin and Suitable Skincare Differences between Adult Men and Women … Kazuyoshi ONISHI, Ayumi YAMAGUCHI, Ken-ichi KURIYAMA, Yoshio TSUJINO, Kazuyoshi OKADA … 18
Key words: men’s facial skin, aging, skin surface lipid, final distension, brightness.
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Menopause and Cosmetics … Hiroshi TANAKA … 25
Key words: menopause, cosmetics, skin aging, estradiol, estrogen receptor. Full pages of Paper

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