Journals Vol.33 No.3

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Regular Articles

Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Fullerenes and Their Inhibition Effects on Photodegradation of Cosmetic Ingredients … Hisae AOSHIMA, Kyoko TOGAYA, Tadashi GOTO, Masayuki ITO, Ken KOKUBO, Shuichi YAMANA, Takumi OSHIMA … 149
Key words: fullerene, antioxidant, carotenoid, photodegradation.
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Ideal Facial Features and Modification of Facial Features by Makeup: A Study of Japanese Female College Students and Working Women in Their Twenties … Mitsuo ENDO … 155
Key words: face, makeup, an ideal face, facial features, an overall impression of a face.
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Cell Motility of Melanocytes … Toshihide AKASAKA … 165
Key words: melanocyte motility, symbiosis, pigmented epidermal tumor.
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Creativity in Old Age: Art Therapy, Art Works … Yukiko KUROKAWA … 170
Key words: creativity, old age, art therapy, art works, calligraphy
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Symposium I

Living Cellular Response and in Vivo Cancer Imaging with Using Precisely Designed Novel Fluorescence Probes … Yasuteru URANO … 176
Key words: Fluorescence probe, photoinduced electron transfer, pH-activatable probe, in vivo cancer imaging, lysosome.
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Observation of Cosmetics through the Eyes of Electron … Mika YAMASHITA … 185
Key words: TEM, SEM, liposome, aqueous polymer, cosmetic layer.
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Measurement of the Depth Profile of Stratum Cornuem Components―Recent Progress in Raman Spectroscopy― … Mariko EGAWA … 191
Key words: amino acid, lipid, Raman, stratum corneum, water.
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Investigation of Human Face Perception Using Neuroimaging Methods … Ryusuke KAKIGI, Kensaku MIKI, Yukiko HONDA, Emi TANAKA, Emi NAKATO … 198
Key words: face, MEG, EEG, NIRS.
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Original Report Abstracts of 34th Annual Meeting … 207
Technical Information … 235
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 253
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 258
Topic … 263
Announcement … 265