Journals Vol.37 No.3

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Regular Articles

Effect of Heat Treatment on Human Hair Keratin Film … Toshihiro FUJII, Yuka TAKASHIMA, Shunsuke TAKAYAMA, Yumiko ITO, Tomoyuki KAWASOE … 165
Key words: human hair keratin film, heat stability, thermal sensitivity, protein solubility, comparison with hair sample. Full pages of Paper

Usefulness of Cosmetics in the Medical Field: Beauty Care Improves QOL of Breast Cancer Patients … Tomoko HIJIKATA, Yumiko SUZUKI, Hiromi TAKEUCHI, Azusa MATSUMOTO, Miyako TAZAKI, Kaori OHSAWA, Naomi OKADA … 171
Key words: breast cancer, chemotherapy, adverse drug reactions, beauty care, quality of life(QOL).
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Science- and Evidence-Based Research and Development of Cosmetics … Kenji SUGIBAYASHI … 177
Key words: science, evidence, cosmetic, research, development.
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Key words: IKEBANA, logic, philosophy, universe, life.
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Symposium II

Beauty Treatment Cheers Up Elderly Women … Kimie IWATA … 187
Key words: elderly women, beauty service, physical function, brain function, make-up.
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Cosmetics and Consumer Behavior: For Building Sustainable Brand Value … Takashi NIIKURA … 192
Key words: category structure, consumer information processing, consumer cognition, brand value.
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How the Brain Acts: Factor Analysis of Placebo Effects … Minae ISAWA, Akemi SHINNO, Tomohiro NISHIMURA, Masatoshi TOMI, Emi NAKASHIMA … 197
Key words: placebo effect, nocebo effect, objective parameter, subjective response, counseling.
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Original Report Abstracts of 38th Annual Meeting … 201
Technical Information … 222
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 234
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 238
Topic … 242
Announcement … 247