Various committees

Planning committee

  1. To develop Japanese Cosmetic Science Society Vision plan
  2. To provide activity assistance to committees for management of progress towards the Vision
  3. To plan and promote awareness activities of JCSS

Academic committee

  1. To plan and operate educational seminars and events

Editorial committee

  1. To edit the Journal of JCSS

Convention operational committee

  1. To plan and operate the Academic Convention

Public relations committee

  1. To release information to mass media, other societies and the public administration
  2. To release information to members

Excellent paper selection committee

  1. To select excellent papers from those posted in the Journal of JCSS and recommend them to the Board of Directors
  2. To publicly commend excellent papers

The future planning committee of JCSS

  1. Plan research and action program through industry-government-academia alliance to contribute to advanced cosmetic science
  2. Plan and revise Guidelines for evaluation of cosmetic functions