Organization / Structure

Organization / Structure  July, 2017

Operational organization chart of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society

Operational organization chart of Japanese Cosmetic  Science Society

  1. Annual meeting
    1. To approve business plans and income and expenditure budgets
    2. To approve business reports and income and expenditure results
    3. To approve board members
    4. To amend JCSS's rules and regulations
    5. Any other matters that the Board of Directors deems necessary
  2. Board of directors
    1. To prepare the agenda for the Annual Meeting
    2. To appoint board members
    3. To establish the Academic Committee, Editorial Committee, Excellent Paper Selection Committee, Annual Meeting Program Committee, and other committees.
    4. To appoint heads and members of the above-mentioned committees
    5. To appoint the Chair and Vice Chair of the Academic Convention
    6. To approve the selection of papers by the Excellent Paper Selection Committee
    7. To manage basic assets
  3. Board of councilors
    1. To discuss the agenda of the Annual Meeting prepared by the Board of Directors
    2. To give necessary opinions and advice to the Board of Directors
  4. Auditors
    1. To audit operations and accounting matters
    2. To prepare an audit report for financial statements
  5. Office
    1. To manage memberships, admissions and withdrawals
    2. To manage members' data
    3. To manage and update web site
    4. To receive and process membership fees
    5. To issue the Journal of JCSS
    6. To distribute the Journal of JCSS
    7. To send membership letters/notices to members
    8. To manage and summarize financials
    9. To manage and summarize of the affairs
    10. To prepare for Annual meeting · Board of directors · Board of councilors