About JCSS ,

The Japanese Cosmetic Science Society (JCSS) was established in 1976 by the collaboration of dermatologists and researchers in the fields of cosmetic studies and pharmaceutical sciences who felt the necessity to establish a forum to discuss variety of medical and scientific issues about perfumery, cosmetics and related topics i.
Based on this philosophy,Under this preface, the 1st academic workshop was held in the same year. During the past decade, not only dermatologists and researchers of cosmetic and pharmaceutical sciences but also many students of pharmacy have participated in the Annual Meeting of JCSS.
We see this as a clear evidence that JCSS has successfully provided the opportunities to have discussion about the current issues and the future of perfumery and cosmetics .

The term “perfumery and cosmetics” includes perfumes containing aroma chemicals and essences as well as cosmeticsii such as skincare and make-up products. In the Annual Meeting and the Journal of JCSS, relevant-safety and efficacy studies of these products and their related materials have been presented and reported to produce safe and effective products for the maintenance of healthy skin of the end-users. Free access to the programs of past JCSS annual meetings and the abstracts of papers submitted to the Journal of JCSS is provided on our website.

Please join the Annual Meeting and the Education Seminar of JCSS. We hope these opportunities will serve as valuable sources of information to help you promote research activities and product planning. Your active participation in the JCSS activities is highly anticipated and appreciated.

  1. Cited from the preface by Professor Toshiaki Yasuda, posted on Journal of JCSS, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1977.
  2. In the broad sense, it includes medicinal cosmetics, etc. classified as quasi-drug cosmetics under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.