Journals Vol.6 No.3

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The Chairman Lecture

The View of the Present Condition and Future of Japan Cosmetics … Bunichro HOSODA … 148
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The Principle of Extraporation from Animal to Human … Satoru MATSUOKA … 151
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Educational Review

Methods for Carinogenicity Testing in Small Rodents … Yuzo HAYASHI … 162
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Research Papers

Histologic and Electron Microscopic Study on Pigmented Cosmetic Dermatitis -Comparison between Facial Pigmented Lesion and Dorsal Lesion Induced by Repeated Patch Tests … Kazue NISHIOKA, Chidori ASAGAMI, Nihoko KURATA, Hidesuke FUJITA … 166
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Studies on The Thermal Preservability of Bath Preparations … Makoto ITO, Toshio FUJIWARA, Katsuhiko AMANO, Satoshi HIRANO … 175
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The Psychological Effect of Special Cosmetic for Rehabilitation of Lepra Patients … Takeshi SHIGEMATSU, M. YIYAHARA, T. KATAOKA, Saiichi KON, K. HORI, M. IZAKI, Atsumi YOKOTA … 181
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Original Report Abstracts of the 7th Annual Meeting … 188
Announcement … 200