Journals Vol.12 No.2

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Research Papers

1. Quantitative Evaluation of the Scalling Dry Skin with a Newly Devised Image Analyzing Computer System … Eiji SHINTAKU, Noriko ABUMIYA, Yoshihiko MANABE, Maomi TOBARI, Masuzo NAGAYAMA … 74
Key words: scaling, skin roughness, image analyzing computer system, dishwashing detergent, facial soap
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2. Effect of Permanent Wave Lotion Containing Hydrogen Peroxide on Nail … Yoshiaki MATSUMOTO, Yuka YAKUSHIJI, Eiko MASHIBA, Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 83
Key words: nail damage, hydrogen peroxide, permanent wave lotion, acidity
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3. The Study of the Function of the Stratum Corneum in the Aged Skin … Yumiko SASAKI, Kumiko HASHIMOTO, Hachiro TAGAMI … 90
Key words: TWL, evaporimeter, barrier function of the stratum corneum.
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Seminar … 95


Pseudo-Cosmetic Dermatitis … Eiko SASAKI, Mitsuyoshi HONDA … 102
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Original Report Abstracts of the 13 Annual Meeting … 107

Reports … 119
Abstracts of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 9, Nos. 4, 5, 6) … 125
Announcement … 131