Journals Vol.14 No.2

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15 Years History … Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 64
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Research Paper

Study on Lip Surface ―Characteristics of Stratum Corneum and Corneocytes on Lip― … Seiichi ARAI, Kumino OSHIDA, Toshio HIKIMA and Yoshihiro FUKUDA … 66
Key words: Lip, turnover, stratum corneum, corneocyte, ageing
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Allergic Granuloma Caused by Cosmetic Tattooing … Jeonghee HAHM, Mikyung LEE, Hyunok KIM, Hongil KOOK M.D. … 71
Key words: cosmetic tattooing, allergic granuloma, chroium, complication
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Evaluation of Aging Skin by Dermaflex A and Dermascan A … Yuhko MIYAJI, Terumi MITANI, Tetsuro SUGAI … 73
Key words: Dermaflex A, Dermascan A, Skin Aging, Dermatoheliosis, Skin elasticity, Skin thickness
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Technical Report

Kathon® CG—A Perspective in Sensitization … Jack N. MOSS … 80
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Educational Review

Effectiveness of Physical Exercise to Keep Good Body Shape in Women … Hiroaki TANAKA … 84
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Development of Body-Care Products … Yoshimaru KUMANO … 86

Original Report Abstracts of 15th Annual Meeting … 92

Abstracts of I.J.C.S. Vol. 12, No. 1, No. 2 … 105
Book Review … 109
Announcement … 110