Journals Vol.16 No.4

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Research Paper

An Approach to Host Resistance Assays for Assessment of Chemical-Induced lmmunotoxicity ―An application of the Listeria monocytogenes challenge model― … Akiko MIZUTANI,Naoko ONO,Tsuneaki NAKAMURA, Mitsuteru MASUDA, Satoshi INOUE … 202
Key words: Immunotoxicity, host resistance, diethylstilbestrol, cyclophosphamide, 12-0-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate
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Symposium (The 17th J.C.S.S. Meeting)

Biology of Hair Growth … Kenji ADACHI … 208
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Development of a New Method for Human Hair Growth Evaluation … Itaru MIYAMOTO, Shoji HAYASHI … 217
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Some Aspects in Evaluation of Drugs Affecting Hair Growth by the In Vitro Culture Method … Masami SUZUKI … 220
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Animal Models of Alopecia … Osamu MORI, Hiroshi HACHISUKA … 225
Key words: rat, minoxidil, mimosine, hairless mouse, stumptailed macaque
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The Progress in Hair Care ―Mechanism of Split End Generation and Treatment with Hair Cosmetics― … Kenji TORII … 229
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Scalp Treatment for Hair Growth in the Viewpoint of the Toiletries … Hideo TAMAI … 233
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Recent Progress of Haircare on OTC Hairrestorer … Masanori FUKUI … 237
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Cytokines in Dermatology … Nobuaki HIGASHI, Naonobu YOSHIZUKA, Yoshiro KOBAYASHI … 240
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Abstracts of I.J.C.S. Vol. 14, No. 6 (245-282) 1992 … 247
Book Review … 249
Reports … 250
Contents of Vol.16 … 258
Announcement … 263