Journals Vol.17 No.3

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Research Paper

A Study for Contact Dermatitis due to Sunscreen Products during 27 Months from January 1991 to March 1992 … Yoshimi KATO, Ritsuko HAYAKAWA, Mari SUZUKI, Yasuko OGINO, Yoshiko FUJIMOTO … 132
Key words: sunscreen cosmetic, UV absorbent, patch testing, contact dermatitis.
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Effect of Ultraviolet Rays and Reactive Oxygen Species on Elastin Production in Cultured Human Skin Fibroblasts … Ken-ichi NAGASE, Hiroshi TANAKA, Tomio OKADA … 138
Key words: Human skin fibroblasts, Elastin production, Ultraviolet rays, Reactive oxygen species
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Symposium (the 18th J.C.S.S. Meeting)

Skin Pigmentation-Introduction … Ritsuko HAYAKAWA … 143
Key words: Pigment disorders, chloasma, ephelides, senile pigmentation, “Kusumi”
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Clinical Pictures of Pigmented Spots Observed on Japanese Woman Face … Minoru FUKUDA, Shotaro HARADA … 146
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The Mode of Action of Antimelanogenic Agents and Their Future … Genji IMOKAWA, Mitsutoshi KIMURA … 149
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Sunscreen Products for Prevention of Stains and Freckles … Seiichi ARAI … 156
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Makeup for Pigmented Facial Skin … Yasuo KANEDA … 163
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Educational Lecture

Three Stories of Psychology of Color … Takayoshi KANEKO … 169
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Abstracts of I.J.C.S. Vol. 15, No. 3, 4, 1993 … 174
Book Review … 178
Reports … 179
Announcements … 181