Journals Vol.19 No.4

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Research Paper

The Viscosity of Sodium Polyacrylate Solution and Release of Ketoprofen from Sodium Polyacrylate Solution … Mitsuo MATSUMOTO, Makiko FUJII, Yuko MIZUFUNE, Chie KAWANO, Tadanori YANO, Harumi UMEDA … 160
Key words: sodium polyacrylate, viscosity, ketoprofen, sustained release
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Methylene Blue Intercalation Compound using Mica(Inorganic Layered Compound) … Yoshiteru WATANABE, Naomi TANIGAWA, Yuko MURATA, Chisato KIMURA, Yasushi KANZAKI, Tatsuo TANAKA, Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 164
Key words: mica, methylene blue, phosphatidylcholine, intercalation compound, chromaticity coordinate
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Symposium(the 20th J.C.S.S. Meeting)

A Rough Skin … Akio FUJII … 170
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The Research Progress of Wrinkles and their Future … Yoshihiro MORIKAWA … 175
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Depigmentating Cosmetics and the Future … Toshiyuki SUZUKI, Genji IMOKAWA … 183
Key words: 美白化粧品, 色素沈着, メラニン, チロシナーゼ, エンドセリン, メラノサイト
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Makeup Products … Ichiro OEDA … 190
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UV Protection and Care … Osamu HIROSE … 196
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Research into Hair Growth … Kuniaki ADACHI … 200
Key words: male pattern alopecia, action of androgen, hair cycle, hair restorer
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Abstracts of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 17, No. 5) … 204
Book Review … 206
Reports … 209
Contents of Vol,19 … 211
Annoucement … 218