Journals Vol.21 No.3

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Research Paper

The Stimulatory Effect of MTL (Malotilate) on Hair Growth … Seigo HANADA, Yasuaki OHYAMA, Hiroyasu KOGA, Yutaka MISHIMA, Shoji TOSHITANI … 177
Key words: MTL (malotilate), hair growth, white hair, keratinocyte, ATP production.
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Seasonal Skin Color Variation of the Pigmented Area on the Female Face Measured by Remote Color Sensing System … Megumi MIZUGAKI, Masako NAGANUMA, Minoru FUKUDA … 185
Key words: skin color, seasonal variation, pigmented area, image analysis.
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Skin Sag of the Female Face and Changes with Aging … Motoko MURAKAMI, Shoji HAYASHI, Seiichi ARAI … 190
Key words: female face, skin sag, displacement, photograph, aging, sbcutaneous fat, recoery rate.
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Inquires for Consciousness of Ota Nevus Patients Treated with Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser … Toshitatsu NOGITA, Tsuyoshi MITSUISHI, Junichi MIZUSHIMA, Makoto KAWASHIMA, Shigenori MIZUMACHI … 197
Key words: nevus of Ota, inquires for consciousness, laser treatment, Q-switched alexandrite laser.
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Special Lecture

The Human Sebocyte Culture as a Model for Research of Acne Etiology and Treatment … Christos C. ZOUBOULIS … 200
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Hair Growth Mechanisms … Masahiro TAJIMA … 203
Key words: hair growth, hair cycle, hair follicle, dermal papilla, hair keratinocyte.
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Animal Models for the Study of Alopecia … Masayori KAGOURA, Masaaki MOROHASHI, Zen-ichi OGITA … 207
Key words: animal model, alopecia areata, male pattern baldness, chemotherapy-induced alopecia, transgenic mouse.
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Hair and Hormone … Satoshi ITAMI … 214
Key words: hair, dermal papilla cells, androgen receptor, 5α-reductase, growth factor.
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Hair Growth Regulation by Growth Factors … Ryoji TSUBOI … 218
Key words: growth factor, paracrine factor, hepatocyte growth factor, hair growth.
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Researches on New Hair Growth Promoters … Hiroaki NISHIZAWA … 223
Key words: male pattern baldness, androgen, hair cycle, hair growth promoter.
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New Hair Growth Drugs and Their Nonclinical Evaluation Methods … Susumu OTOMO … 228
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Original Report Abstracts of 22nd Annual Meeting … 231
Abstracts of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 19, No. 2) … 255
Book Review … 257
Report … 258
Technical Information … 264
Announcement … 281