Journals Vol.22 No.4

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Research Paper

Effect of Polyoxyethylene Chain of Nonionic Surfactants on Guinea-Pig Excised Skin and Hemolysis of Rabbit Red Blood Cells … Hiroshi TOKUNAGA, Yonson CHUNG, Tadashi UCHINO, Masanori ANDO … 287
Key words: excised skin, red blood cells, nonionic surfactants, permeation, hemolysis.
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Evaluation of the Influence of Scrubbing on the Skin of the Hands of Nurses Working in an Operating Room with Non-invasive Methods … Katsuko KIKUCHI-NUMAGAMI, Toshio SAISHU, Mariko FUKAYA, Etsuko KANAZAWA, Hachiro TAGAMI … 294
Key words: handwashings, hand eczema, stratum corneum, barrier function, bioengineering.
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Presidential Address

Pigmented Spots (Senile Lentigines) and Whitening Agents … Masafumi IIJIMA, Naoko FURUKAWA, Chikako KAKUCHI, Hirohiko SUEKI … 300
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Special Lecture

Kojiki’s Code—The myths of ancient Japanese tell us the dawn of natural science— … Yuka FUJIMURA (Marie KITAMURA, Manatsu SATOH, Rie HATSUSHIBA, Mariko KIMURA, Kinue HIRAYAMA) … 306
Key words: multilingual viewpoint, Yi-jing, natural science.
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The Advance of Research for Whitening Agents and Its Future … Genji IMOKAWA … 312
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Aspects of Whitening Cosmetics … Yasushi NISHIJIMA … 319
Key words: scope of efficacy, evaluation, harmonization, regulation.
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Dermatologists and Whitening Ingredients … Hidemi NAKAGAWA … 323
Key words: whitening ingredients, ephelides, lentigo senilis, chloasma, dermal melanocytosis.
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Subjects on Expression of Efficacy in Skin Whitening Cosmetics … Yoshihiro MORIKAWA … 326
Key words: skin whitening cosmetics, expression of efficacy, pharmaceutical law, consumer.
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Skin Lightening Cosmetics: A Well-Side Gossip … Commentator: Aya SUENAGA, Yumiko OKAMOTO … 331
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Historical Changes of Wordings about Whitening in Japan … Commentator: Tatsuya ISHIDA … 333
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Summary of the Symposium of the 23rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society: Is the Whitening Products Realized Correctly ? … Ritsuko HAYAKAWA, Seiichi ARAI … 336
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Techinical Information … 338
Book Review … 369
Report … 370
Contents to Vol. 22 … 374
Announcement … 381