Journals Vol.23 No.1

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Research Paper

Preventative Effects of Sodium-L-Ascorbyl-2 Phosphate on the Development of UVB-Induced Damage in Cultured Mouse Skin … Satomi NAKAYAMA, Shizuko KOBAYASHI, Shinobu ITOH, Eiji OGATA … 1
Key words: ascorbic acid, cellular damage, electron spin resonance, lipid peroxidation, sodium-l -ascorbyl-2 phosphate, ultraviolet B irradiation.
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Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Various Moisturizers Using the Skin of the Miniature Swine/ASR—Effectiveness of corneotherapy— … Ken-ichiro O’GOSHI, Nobuko TABATA, Yoshihisa SATO, Hachiro TAGAMI … 8
Key words: moisturizer, stratum corneum, miniature swine/ASR, corneotherapy, high frequency conductance.
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Educational Seminar

Review of Stress Study and Stress Management … Tomifusa KUBOKI … 13
Key words: stress, Cannon, Selye, Freud, Levi.
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Stress, Immunity, and Beauty—Regulation of leukocytes by the autonomic nervous system— … Toru ABO … 16
Key words: cooperation among cells, autonomic nervous system, leukocyte, disease.
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Psychosomatic Cutaneous Disorders—Emotional stress and atopic dermatitis— … Yuko HIGAKI … 21
Key words: psychosomatic skin disorders, atopic dermatitis, emotional stress, General Health Questionaire.
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Abstracts of I.J.C.S. (Vol. 20, No. 4–No. 6) … 24
Technical Information … 30
Book Review … 48
Report … 50
Announcement … 57