Journals Vol.23 No.3

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Research Paper

Comparison of Skin Penetration and Skin Distribution of Kojic Acid Laurate with Those of Kojic Acid … Taro OGISO, Tadatoshi TANINO, Junko OKANO, Tomoko KAKEMIZU, Kimiko FUJIWARA … 143
Key words: kojic acid, kojic acid laurate, skin penetration, skin distribution, tyrosinase inhibition.
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Quantitative Evaluation of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Dosage on the Human Face … Kohji MATSUE, Seiichi ARAI, Keiko ENDO, Shu TAKESHITA, Toshibumi SAKATA, Masako SASAKI … 149
Key words: outdoor environments, solar UV irradiance, UV-A, UV-B.
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Presidential Address

Photoallergy … Takeshi HORIO … 154
Key words: photoallergy, solar urticaria, polymorphous light eruption, photocontact dermatitis, persistent light reactor.
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Special Lecture

Physiology of Nitric Oxide (NO)—Co-evaluation with oxyradicals and steroids— … Yoshihiko OYANAGUI … 159
Key words: nitric oxide (NO), oxyradicals, patho-physiology, natural antioxidant, steroid, immunosuppressant, TGF-β1, vasoregulin, ischemic paw edema.
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Emulsions—How to increase the efficiency of ordinary surfactants— … Hironobu KUNIEDA, Kenji ARAMAKI … 176
Key words: surfactant, phase behavior, microemulsions, high-internal-phase-ratio emulsion, reverse vesicles.
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Epidermal Damage by Ultraviolet Light—Mechanisms of sunburn cell formation— … Kiichiro DANNO … 183
Key words: apoptosis, sunburn cell, ultraviolet
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Alterations of Dermal Structure Induced by UV Irradiation—Contribution of both production and degradation of collagen and elastin— … Hitoshi MASAKI … 188
Key words: wrinkle, UV, photoaging, dermal matrix, active oxygen, MMP, AGEs.
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Photoimmunology—Mechanisms of immunosuppression induced by ultraviolet irradiation— … Hiroyuki OKAMOTO … 198
Key words: ultraviolet radiation, immunosuppression, contact hypersensitivity, Lngerhans cell, cytokines.
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Ultraviolet Carcinogenesis … Chikako NISHIGORI … 203
Key words: UV carcinogenesis, p53, ras, transition, transversion.
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Nitric Oxide and Ultraviolet-Irradiation … Kumi ARAKANE … 208
Key words: nitric oxide, nitric oxide synthase, ultraviolet-irradiation, skin.
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Original Report Abstracts of 24th Annual Meeting … 213
Abstracts of I. J. C. S. (Vol. 21, No. 2, No. 3) … 239
Technical Information … 244
Book Review … 270
Report … 273
Announcement … 277