Journals Vol.24 No.1

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Evaluation of the Stratum Corneum Exfoliated by Tape Stripping Method (Part2)―Seasonal and age-related differences of exfoliated pattern … Masayuki MATSUMOTO, Shoji HAYASHI, Seiichi ARAI … 1
Key words: stratum corneum, tape stripping, image analysis, seasonal differences, age-related differences.
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Effect of Aging on the Skin Function of Healthy Female Volunteers and the Study on the Skin Function of "Sensitive Skin" … Katsuko KIKUCHI-NUMAGAMI, Hiromi KOBAYASHI, Hachiro TAGAMI … 7
Key words: skin function, stratum corneum, bioengineering, age-related change, sensitive skin.
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Effect of Surfactants on CHO Cells … Hiroshi TOKUNAGA, Yonson Chung, Tadashi UCHINO, Masanori ANDO … 14
Key words: cell viability, Chinese Hamster Ovary cell, excised skin, red blood cells, surfactants, permeation, hemolysis.
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Educational Seminar

Prevention of Pigment Spots: Up to Date Strategies on Development of Whitening Agents … Hideyo UCHIWA … 21
Key words: whitening, hyperpigmentation, tyrosinase, melanogen, melanin exclusion.
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Prevention of Pigment Spots: Strategy for Future Prevention with Respect to Cellular Actions … Genji IMOKAWA … 29
Key words: pigmentation, cytokines, UV, signalling, melanocytes.
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Evaluation Methods of Inhibitory Effect on Melanogenesis and Skin Pigmentation … Yoshimasa TANAKA … 35
Key words: evaluation method, skin pigmentation, melanogenesis, melanin, non-invasive method.
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Cosmetic Efficacy Claim-Updates on the Situation in EU and US … Kazuko ITOH … 46
Key words: efficacy of cosmetic, Cosmetic Directives, FDC, FTC, COLIPA, EEMCO.
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Abstracts of I. J. C. S. (Vol. 21, No. 6) … 51
Technical Information … 54
Book Review … 79
Report … 80
Announcement … 83