Journals Vol.24 No.4

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Modified Staining Method of Melanin Particles in Corneocytes, and It's Benefit … Norio FUJIWARA, Junko SUZUKI, Atsushi KISHITA, Hiroaki IMAI, Nobuhiro ANDO, Nobuo KASHIBUCHI … 263
Key words: corneocyte, melanin particle, Fontana-Masson, diascopy, B-channel.
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An Attempt to Characterize Sensitive Skin in Japanese Females … Katsuko KIKUCHI-NUMAGAMI, Hiromi KOBAYASHI, Hachiro TAGAMI … 270
Key words: sensitive skin, non-invasive measurement, lactic acid, methyl nicotinate
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Experimental Report

Research on the Evaluation of the Psychological Influence of Cosmetics―Evaluation using Emotion Spectrum … Akihiro OKADA, Masahiko KOHMOTO … 275
Key words: brain wave, pleasure and displeasure, skin care products, psychological influence, objective evaluation.
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Presidential Address

Study of the Patients Complaining of Melasma, or Ephelides … Shinichi WATANABE … 287
Key words: melasma, ephelides, lentigo, birthmark, pigmented lesions.
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The States and Characteristics of Stratum Corneum Keratin Protein … Hiromitsu KAWADA, Seiji YAMASAKI … 296
Key words: skin function, stratum corneum, keratin, 10 nm filament.
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Protein Deimination during Epidermal Cornification … Tatsuo SENSHU … 304
Key words: cornification, protein deimination, peptidylarginine deiminase, keratins, psoriasis.
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Presence of Elastic Materials in the Horny Layer of Epidermis … Shingo TAJIMA … 310
Key words: elastin, keratinization, horny layer, epidermis.
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Localization and Function of Antimicrobial Peptides in Cornified Layer … Takashi OONO, Yoshinori SHIRAFUJI, Wookkang HUH, Wataru FUJIMOTO, Hisanori AKIYAMA, Joji TADA, Jirô ARATA … 316
Key words: innate immunity, antimicrobial peptide, human β-defensin, psoriasis, horny layer, host defense.
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Proteinases Involved in Desquamation of Human Stratum Corneum … Toshio HORIKOSHI … 319
Key words: stratum corneum, desquamation, cathepsin D, chymotrypsin, proteinase.
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Cytokines in the Stratum Corneum … Tetsuji HIRAO … 329
Key words: stratum corneum, cytokine, interleukin 1 α, interleukin 1 receptor antagonist.
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Summary of the Symposium I of the 25th Annual Meeting of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society: The Advanced Studies on Stratum Corneum … Masako MIZOGUCHI, Hideyo UCHIWA … 334
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Technical Information … 336
Book Review … 362
Report … 363
Contents to Vol. 24 … 366
Announcement … 371