Journals Vol.25 No.1

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Percutaneous Penetration of Melatonin and the Effect on Wrinkles Induced by UVB … Taro OGISO, Masahiro IWAKI, Tadatoshi TANINO, Takaharu HINO, Kimiko FUJIWARA, Chosei HAMADA, Yasuhiro SATO … 2
Key words: melatonin, percutaneous penetration, antiwrinkle effect, UVB-induced wrinkle.
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Inhibitory Effects of Lempuyang on Melanogenesis … Naomi OTA, Kiyoshi SATO, Osamu MORO, Masahiro OTA, Oji IFUKU … 8
Key words: melanin, tyrosinase, TRP-1, Lempuyang.
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Educational Seminar

Extracellular Matrix in Skin … Hiroshi SHINKAI … 13
Key words: collagen, elastic fiber, proteoglycans, MMP, Laminin.
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Structure of the Skin and Wrinkles … Takuo TSUJI … 19
Key words: wrinkles, skin, histology, ultrastructure, skin replica, ultrasound imaging.
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Efficacy Expression and Evaluation on the Prevention of Wrinkles―Prospective technical problems and regulation in Japan, U.S., and Europe … Kunio MIMURA … 27
Key words: wrinkles, efficacy expression, evaluating methods, image analysis, regulation.
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Formation Mechanisms of Wrinkles Originated in Epidermis and Its Improvement―Contribution of skin barrier disruption to its formation … Hitoshi MASAKI … 34
Key words: wrinkle, roughness, TEWL, oleic acid, epidermis.
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Technical Information … 39
Report … 52
Announcement … 55