Journals Vol.25 No.2

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In Vivo Evaluation of Percutaneous Absorption by Photoacoustic Method ―Development of practical apparatus and its application human skin … Yasushi SHIOYA, Kunihiro KOKUBO, Makoto SATO, Yoshiaki FUJIKURA … 67
Key words: photoacoustic, percutaneous absorption, open-ended cell, in vitro, human skin.
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Stimulating Effects of Yakumosou (Leonurus sibiricus L.) on Intracellular SOD Activity in Skin … Hiroshi TANAKA, Hiroyuki YAMABA, Tomio OKADA, Tomonori KATADA, Satoru NAKATA … 74
Key words: Yakumosou, reactive oxygen species, SOD, sunburn cell, immune suppression.
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Special Lecture

Responsible Care of LION CORPORATION for Environment … Yasuo TSURUTA … 81
Key words: environmental management, environmental impact, recycle oriented society, extended producer responsibility, zero emission, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.
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Educational Seminar

Effect of Skin Moisturizers on Formation of Stratum Corneum and Epidermal Wrinkles … Takuji MASUNAGA … 87
Key words: wrinkle, skin moisturizer, aging, keratinization, filaggrin.
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Mechanism of Skin Wrinkling and Anti-Wrinkle Agents … Izumi HORII … 91
Key words: wrinkle, photoaging, antiwrinkle, retinoic acid, retinol.
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Optical Approach to Wrinkles by Makeup Products … Naomi NAKAMURA … 96
Key words: wrinkles, appearance, Makeup.
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Aging and Rejuvenation of Japanese Face from the Aspect of Cosmetic Surgery … Yukio SHIRAKABE … 100
Key words: aging face, facelift, rhytidectomy.
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Technical Information … 104
Report … 117
Announcement … 123