Journals Vol.26 No.1

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Evaluation of the Barrier Function of the Stratum Corneum with a Portable Device Based on a Closed Chamber System for Measuring Transepidermal Water Loss … Hachiro TAGAMI, Katsuko KIKUCHI, Hiromi KOBAYASHI … 1
Key words: barrier function, portable instrument, transepidermal water loss.
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Educational Seminar

Hair Promoting Products (Quasi-Drug) … Katsuo MATSUMOTO … 7
Key words: quasi-drug, hair promotion, active ingredient, effect, safety.
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Hair Growth Agents (OTC) … Koji IMAMURA … 11
Key words: hair growth agent, OTC, over the counter drugs, minoxidil, RiUP.
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Recent Research of Gray Hair and Possibility of Prevention … Hisao SHIMOGAKI … 17
Key words: gray hair, melanocyte, hair growth cycle, growth factor.
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Evolution of Autogenous Hair Transplantation for Male Baldness … Tetsuo EZAKI … 22
Key words: autogenous hair transplantation, micro graft, hair transplant.
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Psychological Effect of Patient Using Wig ―Thinking of Q.O.L.― … Soukichi NAKAJIMA, Masasi NAKAYAMA … 28
Key words: resuscitation of mind.
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Technical Information … 33
Book Review … 55
Report … 56
Announcement … 57