Journals Vol.26 No.3

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Barrier Disruption of Stratum Corneum Induced Susceptibility to Irritans … Hiromi KOBAYASHI, Katsuko KIKUCHI, Hachiro TAGAMI … 141
Key words: sensory nerve current perception threshold, pruritus, atopic dermatitis.
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Introduction ―Requisites of cosmeceuticals― … Mitsuo MATSUMOTO … 149
Key words: cosmeceuticals, IYAKU-BUGAIHIN, QOL, pursuit of beauty, ingredient.
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Progress of Cosmeceutical Research Based on Life Science … Tetsuo NAGANO … 152
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Chemical Modification of Active Substances Applicable to Skin Care … Itaru YAMAMOTO … 154
Key words: ascorbate, AA-2G, 6-Acyl-AA-2G, stable, lipophilic, α-glucosidase, whitening, immune-neurological cross-talk, medical additive.
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Development of Cosmetics from a Viewpoint of Transepidermal Therapeutic System … Tohru OKAMOTO … 163
Key words: transepidermal therapeutic system, stratum corneum, cosmetics, moisturizer, surfactant.
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Skin Disposition of Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Ingredients … Kenji SUGIBAYASHI … 168
Key words: skin disposition, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, efficacy, skin irritation.
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The Manufacturing Technology for Good Using the Raw-Material Characteristic … Kazuyuki TAKAGI … 172
Key words: Microfluidizer, Ultra-mixer, blow fill, air-less pump, Isolator.
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Original Report Abstracts of 27th Annual Meeting … 177
Technical Information … 194
Book Review … 210
Report … 212
Announcement … 215