Journals Vol.27 No.3

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Think about the future of role of JCSS … Shotaro HARADA … 135
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Improvement of the Stinging Test by Using Unwoven Fabric for Sample Application and a Categorical Rating Scale for Scoring of Sensory Irritation … Takao ASHIKAGA, Hiroshi KOBAYASHI, Miki OKAMOTO, Junko OKAMOTO, Hiroshi ITAGAKI, Hidekazu TOYODA … 136
Key words: stinging test, skin sensory irritation, kansei-engineering, sensitive skin.
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The Effect of Alcohols on the Metabolism of Ester Compounds in Homogenate of Yucatan Micropig Skin … Kouhei YODA, Makiko FUJII, Shiho NAGAOKA, Sun-Young OH, Yoshiteru WATANABE … 142
Key words: skin metabolism, carboxylesterase, transesterification, alcohol, Yucatan micropig.
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Presidential Address

Dermatologists Are Burning for Evidence Based Cosmetics … Yoshiki MIYACHI … 149
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Special Lecture

Stem Cell Medicine: Regenerative Medicine Studies and Regional Collaborations in the Kansai Area … Yoshiki SAKAI … 153
Key words: ES cells, stem cells, induction, Parkinson’s disease, neurogenesis.
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Skin Barrier: Its Damage and Repair … Hachiro TAGAMI … 158
Key words: atopic dermatitis, barrier function, dermatitis, stratum corneum, transepidermal water loss.
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Mechanism of Skin Barrier Dysfunction Caused by Ultraviolet Rays Irradiation and the Possibility of Controlling the Impairment … Yuki ODAKE … 162
Key words: barrier function, stratum corneum, ultra violet rays, differentiation.
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Significance of Cornified Envelopes in Barrier Function of the Stratum Corneum … Tetsuji HIRAO … 167
Key words: stratum corneum, cornified envelope, transglutaminase, barrier function moisturizer.
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Barrier Reinforcing Function by Quasi-Ceramide … Yutaka TAKAGI … 171
Key words: ceramide, acylceramide, lamellae, diamide derivatives, EFAD.
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Can Cosmetics Be a Stressor for Dermatologists and a Delight for Patients with Skin Disease? … Makoto KAWASHIMA … 177
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A Decrease in Ceramide Level by Psychological Stress and Treatments … Yasuhiro YOSHIDA, Makoto OKUDA, Akihiro AIOI … 178
Key words: mental stress, barrier function, ceramide.
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Effective Natural Products on Skin Dysfunction Induced by Stress from Herb―Effect of ursolic acid from Nardostachytis Rhizoma on skin dysfunction in overcrowded-stress hairless mice … Hitoshi ISHIDA, Katsuo MATSUMOTO … 186
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Effects of Odorant Inhalation on the Stress-Induced Modulation of Skin Functions … Toru TSUCHIYA … 189
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Original Report Abstracts of 28th Annual Meeting … 191
Technical Information … 209
Report … 231
Announcement … 235