Journals Vol.28 No.3

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Analysis of Isovaleric Acid Generation by Skin Resident Microorganisms in Body Malodors, and the Inhibitory Effect of Sophora flavescens Extract … Hiroki TAKENAKA, Shigeo MIKOSHIBA, Hidehiko ISHIMARU, Keita SOMEYA, Tatsuo HAYASHI, Koji TAKADA … 177
Key words: isovaleric acid, Sophora flavescens, l -leucine, Corynebacterium xerosis, flavonoids.
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Special Lecture

Backyards of Dermatitis―A new concept of keratinocyte response modifier … Masutaka FURUE, Hiroshi UCHI, Takeshi NAKAHARA, Yoichi MOROI … 183
Key words: dermatitis, keratinocyte, GM-CSF, contact hypersensitivity
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Usefulness of Skin Care Cosmetics from the Viewpoint of Stratum Corneum Function … Akinobu HAYASHI … 187
Key words: stratum corneum, water holding function, barrier function, sensitive skin.
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Evaluation of Usefulness of Skin Lightening Agents Based on the Inhibitory Mechanisms of Melanogenesis … Takayuki KATAGIRI … 194
Key words: lightening, hyperpigmentation, melanogenesis, usefulness.
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Efficacy of Cosmetics in Relation to the Effect of UVA on a Skin … Masato HATAO … 198
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Availability of Cosmetics and Toileteries from the Perspective of Anti-Wrinkle … Yoshinori TAKEMA … 199
Key words: wrinkle, efficacy evaluation, formation mechanisms, future, direction.
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UV-Induced Skin Damage and Its Repair Process―A clue to develop effective cosmetics― … Shintaro INOUE … 203
Key words: UV damage, DNA repair, nucleotide excision repair, database, natural language processing.
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Original Report Abstracts of 29th Annual Meeting … 209
Technical Information … 228
Report … 246
Announcement … 249