Journals Vol.29 No.3

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The Seaweed KIRINSAI Extract, Promoting Formation of Cornified Envelope, Repairs Rough Skin … Takuya UOZUMI, Yuko OBAYASHI, Chiyoko UCHIYAMA, Yuki ODAKE, Motoyasu OHDERA, Naoki NISHIKAWA, Megumi SADAIE, Tomoko KONO … 193
Key words: KIRINSAI (Eucheuma spinosum), cornified envelope, transglutaminase 1, involucrin, epidermal differentiation.
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Dermatologists' Expectations for Cosmetic Products … Kayoko MATSUNAGA … 199
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Ultimate Goals of Nanotechnologies … Koichi SHINOHARA … 210
Key words: nanotechnology, destructive innovation, sustainably evolving society.
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Development of Water Resistant Sunscreening Agent using Nano-technology … Hiroaki ISHII … 215
Key words: sunscreening agent, water resistant, lotus leaf, uneven structure, dissipative structure.
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Nano-size Emulsion, its Emulsification Techniques and Applications … Tomohiko SANO … 221
Key words: nano emulsion, high pressure homogenizer, orderly-arranged structure, Psude-ceramide.
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Safety Evaluation of the Nanoparticles on Cosmetics … Yoshiro HATAKEYAMA … 225
Key words: nanomaterial, cosmetic, JCIA, NEDO, safety.
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Design and Preparation of Polymeric Materials by the Control of Surface Nanostructure … Mitsuru AKASHI … 232
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Development of Nanomedicine System using Intracellular DDS … Tomoaki YOSHIKAWA, Shinsaku NAKAGAWA … 235
Key words: fusogenic liposome, nanoparticle, nanotechnology, drug delivery system, antisense oligonucleotide DNA.
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New Nanotechnology Using Inorganic Salt for Transdermal DDS … Rie IGARASHI, Yoko YAMAGUCHI … 240
Key words: atRA. nanoegg, HB-EGF, transdermal, DDS.
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Original Report Abstracts of 30th Annual Meeting … 244
Technical Information … 265
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 288
Announcement … 293