Journals Vol.30 No.1

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Regular Article

Effects of Seasonal Change or Menstrual Cycle on Human Facial Pores … Keiko TAKADA, Toshii IIDA, Yoko GOZU, Mio MORIYAMA, Keiko SAKAI, Shinichiro HAZE, Seiichi YOSHIDA, Tomio IIKURA, Shinji INOMATA … 1
Key words: facial pore area, sebum, parakeratotic corneocytes, menstrual cycle, seasonal change.


Development of Personalized Materials from Human Hair Proteins for Self-recycle … Toshihiro FUJII, Shunichi KOBAYASHI … 5
Key words: human hair, personalized material, film, fiber, particle, tailor-made product.


Treatments in Cosmetic Dermatology and/or Plastic Surgery … Shinichi WATANABE … 10
Key words: laser, chemical peels, injectable filler, botulinum toxin, hydroquinone, retinoids.

Protective Effect of Sodium dl-α-tocopheryl Phosphate for UV-induced Skin Damage … Yoshiyuki OHMORI … 18
Key words: sodium dl-α-tocopheryl phosphate (VEP), skin photodamage, antioxidative activity, reactive oxygen species (ROS), microarrays.

Effect of t-Flavanone on Hair Growth … Shigeru MORIWAKI … 23
Key words: t-flavanone, hair growth promoter, hair-loss prevention, TGF-β, desmoglein.

Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia … Atsuyuki IGARASHI … 29

Technical Information … 33
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 45
Topic … 47
Announcement … 49