Journals Vol.30 No.3

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Relationship between Flatness Index and TEWL Change Caused by Tape Stripping … Ayako SEINO, Hitoshi IMAMURA, Masumi KURASAWA, Takuya YAMAMOTO, Nobuo KASHIBUCHI … 131
Key words: corneocyte, stratum corneum, tape stripping, TEWL, flatness index.
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Research on Fine Structures and their Mechanical Properties of Hairs by Atomic Force Microscope … Hiroki KITANO, Masanao NIWA, So FUJINAMI, Ken NAKAJIMA, Toshio NISHI, Sachio NAITO … 135
Key words: hair, atomic force microscope, ultra structure, mechanical property.
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Safety Assessment for Functional Cosmetic Materials by Considering the Basis of their Effectiveness … Takemi YOSHIDA … 142
Key words: safety assessment, functional cosmetic materials, drug metabolism, heme oxygenase, Nrf2.
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Design and Synthesis of κ-Opioid Receptor Agonist, TRK-820 … Hiroshi NAGASE … 148
Key words: opioid, TRK-820, κ-agonist, antipruritus, no dependence.
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Functional Cosmetology in the Foreign Countries … Kazuko ITOH … 152
Key words: Cosmetic Directives, Korean functional cosmetics, safety assessor, EEMCO guidance, Colipa.
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Positioning of Functional Cosmetics and Future Development … Yoko NAKAMURA … 157
Key words: technical development, cosmetic function, consumer policy, guidelines for efficacy evaluation, guidelines for efficacy expressions.
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A Role of Functional Cosmetics in Medical Practice―Present and Future― … Kayoko MATSUNAGA … 161
Key words: functional cosmetic, skin care, medical practice, aesthetic dermatology.
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Market Activation Evoked by New Functional Cosmetics―Consumer's Anticipation for Cosmetics― … Kaoru SUGANUMA … 165
Key words: functional cosmetics, consumer, anticipation, distributed to consumer’s field, consumer’s anticipation for cosmetics.
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Safety Evaluation on Cosmetic Ingredients I … Editorial Board, JOURNAL OF JAPANESE COSMETIC SCIENCE SOCIETY ―Working Group of Safety Evaluation on Cosmetic Ingredients … 170
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Original Report Abstracts of 31th Annual Meeting … 176
Technical Information … 194
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 216
Topic … 222
Announcement … 225