Journals Vol.30 No.4

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Three-Dimensional Morphological Analysis of Facial Pores in Women and Factors Involved in Age-related Changes in Pore Shape … Motoko MURAKAMI, Aki KAWAMURA, Gu JIE, Osamu TANNO … 237
Key words: skin pore, 3-D morphological analysis, aging, skin elasticity, skin surface texture.
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Prevension of Life Style-related Diseases and Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) Approved by MHLW … Yoshitaka KAJIMOTO … 245
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New Biologically Active Compounds from Natural Sources … Yoshihiro MIMAKI … 256
Key words: metabolic syndrome, anti-stress effect, licorice, clove, Black Cohosh
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Formulation Design for Cosmetics to Expect Further Efficacy―Effect of Formulations on the Skin Penetration and Permeation― … Kenji SUGIBAYASHI … 261
Key words: formulation design, skin penetration, cosmetic targeting, penetration enhancement, thermodynamic activity.
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Enhancement of Collaboration among Industry, Government, and Academia―For Developing Functional Cosmetics― … Shintaro INOUE … 266
Key words: functional cosmetics, collaboration, independent administrative institution, national university corporation, intellectual property
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The Current Situation and Issue of Alternative Testing on Safety Evaluation … Hitoshi SAKAGUCHI … 270
Key words: alternative, OECD, mechanism.
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In vivo Skin Measurement for Cosmetic Efficacy Test … Motoji TAKAHASHI … 276
Key words: in vivo confocal microscopy, optical coherence tomography, in vivo confocal Raman spectroscopy, in vivo wrinkle measurement skin, efficacy test
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Safety Evaluation on Cosmetic Ingredients II … Editorial Board, JOURNAL OF JAPANESE COSMETIC SCIENCE SOCIETY ―Working Group for Evaluation on Cosmetic Ingredients … 282
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Questionnaire Survey to the Awareness about Wrinkles and the Expectation for the Anti-wrinkle Cosmetics … Task Force Committee for Evaluation of Anti-aging Function … 299
Key words: wrinkle, anti-wrinkle, evaluation criteria, efficacy claim.
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A Questionnaire on Pigmented Disorders and Use of Whitening Cosmetics in Japanese Women … Task Force Committee for Evaluation of Whitening Function … 306
Key words: whitening, pigmentation, skin problem.
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Report from Committee for Study on Evaluation Methodology of Functional Cosmetology: Guideline for Evaluation Methodology of Functional Cosmetology

Commemorating the Publication of Evaluation Guidelines of Functional Cosmetology … Shotaro HARADA … 311

Guidelines for Evaluation of Functional Cosmetology … Makoto KAWASHIMA … 312

Guideline for Evaluation of Anti-wrinkle Products … Task Force Committee for Evaluation of Anti-agimg Function … 315

Guideline for Evaluation of New Whitening Quasi-Drug Products … Task Force Committee for Evaluation of Whitening Function … 333

Guideline for New Efficacy Claims of Sunscreening Products … Task Force Committee for Evaluation of Sunscreen Function … 338

Guideline for Evaluation of Safety of Functional Cosmetology … Task Force Committee for Evaluation of Safety … 345

Technical Information … 349
Book Review … 370
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 371
Topic … 374
Contents of Vol. 30 … 376
Announcement … 381