Journals Vol.31 No.2

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Analysis of Biochemical Components of Human Skin Corneocytes Prepared Non-invasively by Tape-stripping … Yasuhiro SUZUKI, Hideo KURODA, Naoyuki KANBE, Masanori TAKENOUCHI … 69
Key words: corneocyte, tape-stripping, cornified envelope cross-link, glutamyl-lysine bond, keratin.

Evaluation of Pigmentation in Human Skin Applying Independent Component Analysis Determination for Area and Density of Pigmentation Using Microscopic Images … Natsuko OKIYAMA, Osamu OSANAI, Takaaki UEMURA, Eijiro TAKEUCHI, Koji MINAMI, Nobutoshi OJIMA, Kimihiko HORI … 78
Key words: image analysis, independent component analysis, melanin, pigmentation, microscope.


Barrier Mechanisms and its Association with Cosmetics … Genji IMOKAWA … 85
Key words: barrier function, ceramide, surfactants, sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis.

The Interaction between Surfactants and Stratum Corneum … Nobuhiro OYAMA … 92
Key words: surfactant, surface tension, contact angle, adsorption, sodium dodecyl sulfate.

Recent Research Trends in regard to Skin Moisturizing … Osamu TANNO … 97
Key words: recent research, trends, skin, moisturizing.

Skin Roughness and Conspicuousness of Fine Wrinkles and Skin Pores … Shinji INOMATA … 103
Key words: wrinkle, pore, skin roughness, ion channel.
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