Journals Vol.31 No.3

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Address by the President … Makoto KAWASHIMA
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Regular Articles

Features of Eyelash Growth … Moe TSUTSUMI, Tsutomu SOMA, Yosuke NAKAZAWA, Masahiro TAJIMA … 143
Key words: eyelash, hair cycle, Japanese women, Msx2, phototrichogram.
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Effects of Cedrol on the Autonomic Nervous System and Survey of Sleep and Stress in USA … Hidetoshi SADACHI, Yoshinao NAGASHIMA, Satoshi TOJO, Hiroyuki OHSU, Yukihiro YADA, Toshiyuki SUZUKI … 148
Key words: cedrol, cedarwood, autonomic nervous system, parasympathetic activities dominant, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.
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Past and Future Aspects of Photoaging Study … Katsumi HANADA … 153
Key words: photoaging, metallothionein, endogenous sunscreen, skin photototype, elastin promoter.
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Symposium I

The Psychological Relationship between Color and Facial Impression … Tsuneyuki ABE, Ruriko TAKANO … 157
Key words: eye shadow, foundation, visual illusion, overhead illumination hypothesis, constancy scaling.
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Skin Color Image Analysis and Synthesis and Its Applications to Appearance Control … Norimichi TSUMURA … 163
Key words: skin texture, melanin and hemoglobin, translucency, pyramid-based texture analysis and synthesis, real-time video processing.
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Visual Information Perception from Cosmetic Packages … Ryoko FUKUDA … 169
Key words: eye tracking, packages, simulation.
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Effects of the Sound Generated by Cosmetics Packages … Takeshi SAKAMAKI … 176
Key words: package, sound, lipstick tube, foundation compact, psycho-acoustic indicators.
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Touch Brings Some Effects to Human … Masami SENOO … 185
Key words: touch, feel, effect, comfortable.
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Psychological and Physiological Effects of Fragrance via Olfactory Perception … Shinichiro HAZE … 191
Key words: perfume, effect, olfaction, cosmetics.
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Original Report Abstracts of 32nd Annual Meeting … 196
Technical Information … 218
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 250
Topic … 256
Announcement … 258