Journals Vol.33 No.2

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Regular Articles

Development of an in silico Prediction System for the Risk Assessment of Chemicals Development of Prediction Models for Skin Sensitization and Repeated Dose Toxicity … Hirokazu KOUZUKI, Masahiko YAMAGUCHI … 65
Key words: in silico, molecular orbital, artificial neural network, risk assessment, QSAR.
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Staining Mechanism of Oxidative Hair Dyes in the Cuticle Layers of Human Scalp Hair … Takehito IMAI, Masanao NIWA, Hideto KAWAMURA, Masaru KIMURA, Takashi NAKANO … 74
Key words: oxidative hair dye, cuticle, CMC, β-layer, metal.
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Elderly Care Patients and Their Relationship with Cosmetics … Shizuko TAMURA … 80
Key words: elderly, home care, nursing care, patients, cosmetics.
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Skin Trouble and Skin Care in Adolescence … Nobukazu HAYASHI … 88
Key words: adolescence, quality of life, androgen, sex hormone, acne.
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Skin Condition of Aged People Symptoms and Care … Masako MIZOGUCHI … 94
Key words: postmenopausal skin, solar lentigo, hormone replacement therapy, skin surface hydration.
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Reports on Related Research Meetings … 123
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 128
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