Journals Vol.34 No.1

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Regular Articles

Ethnic Differences in Facial Photodamages such as Wrinkling and Elasticity and Skin Colors … Keiichi HAKETA, Kazue TSUKAHARA, Akira HACHIYA, Tsutomu FUJIMURA, Keiichi SUGATA, Osamu OSANAI, Takashi KITAHARA … 1
Key words: ethnic difference, photodamage, wrinkle, elasticity, skin color.
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The Release of Formaldehyde upon Decomposition of Imidazolidinyl Urea … Keiji KAJIMURA, Takahiro DOI, Takaomi TAGAMI, Shuzo TAGUCHI … 7
Key words: imidazolidinyl urea, formaldehyde, urea, release, hydrogen ion concentration.
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β-Hexosaminidase Release Inhibition Activity and Anti-oxidative Activity of Compounds Extracted from Kokuto … Tadashi UCHINO, Yoshiaki IKARASHI, Taizou SEKI, Tsuneo MORIOKA, Hidenobu OKUMURA, Kensaku TAKARA, Koji WADA, Hiroshi TOKUNAGA, Tetsuji NISHIMURA … 14
Key words: kokuto extracts, β-hexosaminidase, anti-allergic activity, oxidative stress.
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Current Topics on Filaggrin; Especially Dryness Protection and Moisturization in the Stratum Corneum of Epidermis … Yasushi SUGA … 19
Key words: filaggrin, profilaggrin, natural moisturizing factor, ichthyosis vulgaris, atopic dermatitis.
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Langerhans Cells; Antigen Presenting Cells Located in the Epidermis … Yayoi TADA … 24
Key words: Langerhans cells, Langerin, keratinocytes.
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Structure and Functions of Tight Junction, Adherens Junction and Desmosome in Epidermal Keratinocytes … Yasuo KITAJIMA … 33
Key words: tight junction, adherens junction, desmosome, cadherin, corneodesmosome
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Epidermal Tight Junctions Function and Its Application … Shohei KURODA … 42
Key words: tight junction, skin barrier, calcium gradient, lamellar body.
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