Journals Vol.34 No.4

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Regular Article

Visualization of Modified Human Hair by Artificial Sunlight with Carbonylated Proteins as an Indicator of Hair Damage … Tomoyuki KAWASOE, Tomoko WATANABE, Toshihiro FUJII … 287
Key words: photo-modification, carbonylated proteins, fluorescein-5-thiosemicarbazide, human hair, image analysis.
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Skin Health Care from Points of View in Lymphology … Toshio OHHASHI, Yoshiko KAWAI … 292
Key words: lymph formation, spontaneous contraction, lymph edema, albumin, microcirculation.
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Symposium I

Mechanism of Tactile Sensation and Estimation of Tactile Texture … Takashi MAENO … 297
Key words: tactile sensation, factor analysis, texture sensor, skin, finger.
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Make Up Brain … Keishi SARUWATARI … 301
Key words: brain science, social, reward, facial makeup.
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Fragrance and Research on Sensitivity Science … Atsushi KATAYAMA, Rie MONCHI-SEMBA, Satoshi HIKICHI … 306
Key words: KAITEKI-KAN, comfort, pleasant, Internet research, factor analysis, conceptual model.
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Culture of Skin―Cultural Aspect Skincare― … Masayuki SUZUMORI … 314
Key words: formalized beauty, white skin as a symbol, natural beauty, natural skin.
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