Journals Vol.35 No.2

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Regular Articles

Skin Typing, Sun Exposure, and Sunscreen Use in a Population of Japanese Females Using an Online Interview … Akira KAWADA, Haruyo SASAYA, Ayaka HIRAO, Tamae WADA, Naoki OISO, Kana ISHIHARA … 89
Key words: sun exposure, sunscreen use, photoaging, skin phototype.
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Development of New Evaluation Method Based on Characterization of Each Crow's Feet Wrinkle by Three-Dimensional Analysis … Yusuke HARA, Yuji MASUDA, Motoki OGURI, Tetsuji HIRAO … 93
Key words: wrinkle measurement, PRIMOS®, three-dimensional analysis, visual evaluation, guidelines for wrinkle evaluation.
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Safety Evaluation of Cosmetics and Toiletries What can we evaluate by human patch testing ? … Kayoko MATSUNAGA … 99
Key words: cosmetics, toiletries, skin safety, patch testing, skin irritation.
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Development for Fashionable and Safety Cosmetics―Approach to AAT― … Hirofumi KUWAHARA … 103
Key words: trends, fashion, safety.
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Prevalence of Sensitive Skin―Consciousness, Skin Physiological Feature and Stinging― … Koichi ISHIDA … 107
Key words: sensitive skin, cosmetics, skin physiology, hyper-reactivity, stinging.
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Dermatological Problems among Young Children … Rieko OKAMURA … 113
Key words: cosmetics, piercing, tattoo, nail care, ST mark.
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Technical Information … 118
Book Review … 149
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 150
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 153
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