Journals Vol.35 No.3

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Regular Articles

Effects of Acupuncture on Human Skin Characteristics … Daiji KAGAWA, Satoko FUKAGAWA, Atsushi OHUCHI, Takashi KITAHARA, Masato EGAWA, Tadashi YANO … 179
Key words: acupuncture, skin barrier function, tape stripping, TEWL, capacitance.
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Cosmetic Science and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Policy … Yoko NAKAMURA … 185
Key words: science, cosmetics, modern society, pharmaceutical policy.
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Safety, Reliability and Information of Cosmetic Products―Development, Marketing and Complaint Handling for Building the Confidence of Consumers― … Tsuneo MATSUMOTO … 191
Key words: Consumer Affairs Agency, ISO26000, confidence of consumers.
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Symposium II

Green Chemistry: Chemical Technology Symbiotic with the Environment … Makoto MISONO … 197
Key words: Green Chemistry, positive GC / GSC, fundamental ethics, science communication, environmental Kuznets curve.
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Channeling the Forces of Nature―Nature Technology― … Emile H. ISHIDA, Ryuzo FURUKAWA … 202
Key words: Nature Technology, eco-dilemma, global environmental issues, life style, back cast thinking.
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Environmental Challenges in the Development of Cosmetics … Koichi YOSHIMURA … 208
Key words: cosmetics & toiletries, environment, risk assessment, life cycle assessment, biodegradation.
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Original Report Abstracts of 36th Annual Meeting … 214
Technical Information … 238
Book Review … 269
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 270
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 275
Topic … 278
Announcement … 287