Journals Vol.36 No.3

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Regular Article

Suppressive Effect of Arnica montana Extract on Mediators … Megumi NISHIKAWA, Akihiro AIOI … 179
Key words: Arnica montana, IL-6, mediators, ultraviolet irradiation.
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Structure and Function of Hair Apparatus … Masaaki ITO … 185
Key words: hair apparatus, hair anomalies, electron microscope, molecular biology.
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Cell Sheet Engineering for Regenerative Medicine … Yoshikazu KUMASHIRO, Teruo OKANO … 189
Key words: cell sheet, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, thermo-responsive surface, nano-thin film.
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Symposium I

Update on Skin Barrier Defects … Masashi AKIYAMA … 194
Key words: ABCA12, atopic dermatitis, filaggrin, ichthyosis, skin barrier.
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A Role for Inner Ear Melanocytes in Anti-stress Responses … Hiroaki YAMAMOTO … 199
Key words: melanin, melanocyte, retinal pigment epithelium, developmental lineage, visual and auditory senses.
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Update of Genes Expressed in the Hair … Yutaka SHIMOMURA … 203
Key words: hair follicle, woolly hair, LIPH, keratin, inner root sheath.
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Latest Update on Sebaceous Gland … Hirohiko AKAMATSU … 208
Key words: sebaceous gland, stem cell.
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Original Report Abstracts of 37th Annual Meeting … 211
Technical Information … 229
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 239
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 244
Topic … 248
Announcement … 255