Journals Vol.37 No.1

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Expression of Hyaluronan Synthase and Collagen Type I mRNA by Hyaluronan Tetrasaccharides in Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts … Madoka KAGE, Yoshihiro TOKUDOME, Yukiko MATSUNAGA, Takeshi HARIYA, Fumie HASHIMOTO … 1
Key words: hyaluronan tetrasaccharide, hyaluronan synthase, collagen, mRNA.
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Skin Aging and Environmental Factors … Akimichi MORITA … 6
Key words: environmental factors, skin aging, tobacco smoking, ultraviolet, aryl hydrocarbon receptor.
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Skin Aging Mechanisms and Materials … Hitoshi MASAKI … 11
Key words: reactive oxygen species, collagen, elastin, MMP-1, antioxidants.
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Development of the Anti-Wrinkle Agent According to the Guideline for the Evaluation of Anti-Wrinkle Products Authorized by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society … Akira HACHIYA … 17
Key words: skin aging, amino acids, 1-carbamimidoyl-L-proline, stratum corneum, wrinkles.
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The Latest Information of the Aesthetic Surgical Treatment for Facial Wrinkles … Shinichi SOYANO … 23
Key words: injection, treatment, wrinkle, collagen, hyaluronic acid.
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