Journals Vol.37 No.2

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Regular Articles

Skin Properties and Morphological Characteristics of Neck and Décolleté with Aging … Miyako KOIKE, Motoko MURAKAMI, Osamu TANNO … 81
Key words: neck, décolleté, aging, skin property, morphology.
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A Novel Base Material for Cosmetics: A Gelatin Vitrigel Membrane Derived from Tuna Skin … Yuri KAWAMURA, Chika OKAMOTO, Ayumi OSHIKATA-MIYAZAKI, Shirou MORIUCHI, Toshiaki TAKEZAWA … 90
Key words: vitrigel, gelatin, collagen, cosmetic patch.
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Moisturization of the Skin … Tetsuji HIRAO … 95
Key words: amino acid, moisturization, natural moisturizing factors, stratum corneum.
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Biomechanics of Wrinkle Formation … Takeo MATSUMOTO … 101
Key words: force balance, residual stress, skin, tensile test.
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Consideration of Wrinkles and Sulcus on Artistic Anatomy … Michiyo MIYANAGA … 107
Key words: two viewpoints, skull, organ, wrinkle, sulcus.
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The Prevention of the Wrinkles by the Sunscreen Product … Kohji MATSUE … 116
Key words: ultraviolet radiation, wrinkle, photoaging.
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Technical Information … 120
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 139
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 142
Topic … 145
Announcement … 151