Journals Vol.37 No.4

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Regular Articles

Skin Redness in Women with Sensitive Skin … Toshii IIDA, Shigeru MUGIKURA, Toshihiko SEKI, Kazuhiko FUJIWARA, Michio SHIBATA, Yuuko MATSUMOTO, Satoshi AMANO … 263
Key words: sensitive skin, inflammation, corneum, redness, blood flow.
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Comparisons between the Relative Evaluation Method of Wrinkles and the Absolute Scoring Method of Wrinkles Using Photos … Mayumi TAKEYA, Tsutomu FUJIMURA, Akira HACHIYA, Kazue TSUKAHARA, Keiichi HAKETA, Mitsuyuki HOTTA, Hiromitsu KAWADA, Yoshinori TAKEMA, Takashi KITAHARA … 268
Key words: skin wrinkling, comparative study, evaluation study, practice guidelines.
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Mechanisms that Silence Transposable Elements to Maintain Genome Integrity … Haruhiko SIOMI … 274
Key words: transposable elements, RNAi, Argonaute/Piwi proteins, small RNAs, epigenetics.
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Symposium I

Ideal Physiologically-Relevant Cultured Tissue Models for Human Hazard Evaluation in the Future … Yasuyuki SAKAI, Marie SHINOHARA, Kikuo KOMORI, Shoji TAKEUCHI, Teruo FUJII … 280
Key words: hazard evaluation, physiological tissue model, hierarchical tissue structure, spontaneous organization, aerobic respiration.
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Live Cell Imaging of Membrane Traffic … Akihiko NAKANO … 288
Key words: live cell imaging, membrane traffic, Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, super-resolution confocal live imaging microscopy (SCLIM).
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Metabolic Syndrome and Epigenomic Regulations … Juro SAKAI … 292
Key words: obesity,metabolic syndrome,epigenome,PPARγ,adipocyte.
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History of Early Days and Reform of This Society … Fumisuke NOZAKI … 299
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Technical Information … 303
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 332
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 335
Contents of Vol. 37 … 336
Announcement … 341