Journals Vol.38 No.1

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Aim at the Journal of Society Serving Everyone … Shinsaku NAKAGAWA … 1
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Regular Articles

Variations of Ceramide Profile in Different Regions of the Body of Japanese Females … Yoshie SHIMOTOYODOME, Hisashi TSUJIMURA, Junko ISHIKAWA, Tsutomu FUJIMURA, Takashi KITAHARA … 3
Key words: ceramide, body regions, stratum corneum, TEWL, capacitance.
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Development of Hair Adsorption and Care Effects by Hybridization of a Cationic Compound and 「2-(Dimethyldocosylammonio)ethyl Octadecyl Ethyl Phosphate」 … Hiroshi OKAWA, Kenji HANABUSA, Masahiro SUZUKI, Yoshimi SEKINE, Hiroki FUKUI … 9
Key words: gemini compound, cationic compound, surface charge, hair absorption, hair care.
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Approach to Dry Skin (Xerosis): Lessons from the Past … Hachiro TAGAMI … 15
Key words: dry skin, high frequency measurement, natural moisturizing factor, skin care, stratum corneum.
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Skin Barrier Function: Up-to-Date … Masashi AKIYAMA … 22
Key words: asthma, atopic dermatitis, filaggrin, food allergy, hay fever.
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Make an Observation about Neonatal and Infantile Skins:How Does the Skin Continue to Develop and Reach Maturity? … Yuki MIYAUCHI … 28
Key words: infant, stratum corneum, physical properties, growth, ceramide.
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Look Back on the Past with Thought to the Future … Kikuhiko OKAMOTO … 37
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Technical Information … 39
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 59
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 63
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